DOY Council

Youth, along with adult advisors, make up the DOY Council. The DOY Council is responsible for planning and leading the DOY retreat weekends held at Camp Bratton-Green for Jr. High and Sr. High youth. The application to be on DOY Council is posted each spring.

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Youth Council Members 2020-2021
Alex Kipping
Avery Irby
Bella Bach
Betsy Seage
Byron Bishop
Charlie Cole
Cooper Edmonson
Cooper Hough
Ella Touchstone
Gray Nix
Lauren Kirchefer
Liza Lomanick
Logan Watrous
Mary Gara Nix
Melanie Thigpen
Meritt Tompkins
Ryder Hayden
Sarah Paige Shirley
Sawyer Tournillon
Sophia Kornegay
Sophie Tompkins
Sparky Kilgore
Wesley Pippins
Xenia Minton