Happening in Mississippi

Happening 88 (1)

Staff Training  •  October 19-21

Happening Weekend  •  November 9-11

Who? Happening is for young people in 10th – 12th grades, and there is one small group for adults. Happening is open to all denominations.

What? The Happening Experience is a powerful weekend of renewal for young people in the Episcopal Church. Participants explore deeply what it means to believe in Jesus and to be part of the Body of Christ. Through large and small group discussions, meaningful experiences of worship and prayer, new friendships, and laughter participants learn about the rich connection between faith and the challenges of daily life. There’s also plenty of music, games, fun and great food! The cost is 30 dollars, but half and full scholarships are available.

When? The weekend begins with registration at 7:00 pm on Friday night and concludes with a festive closing Eucharist at 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon at the host parish. Parents, family, friends, former Happeners and parishioners are encouraged to attend this incredible service of celebration and hear Happeners and staff share their experience of the weekend.

Happening Coordinator

The Rev. Chuck Culpepper


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