Happening Reunion

Reunion for Happening #91

March 6-8 • St. Columb’s, Ridgeland

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Who?  Happening Reunion is a weekend for those who have already attended Happening. Happening Reunion is open to participants of any age. The weekend is limited in size in order to most effectively serve the Happeners throughout the weekend. Staff members serve as musicians, speakers, and chaperones.  

What?  Happening Reunion has a more relaxed atmosphere that allows former Happeners to gather together for an opportunity to share in the servant ministry of Happening and to further explore their journey of faith in Jesus Christ. Reunion participants also learn to discover and share their talents as they serve the Happening weekend behind the scenes. There is time to work, listen, reflect, discuss, and of course, play.

How?  Reunion participants and staff are housed and fed at a host parish near the location of the Happening host parish.

Happening Reunion Co-Coordinators

Lauren Liebkemann

Amzie Williams

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