Youth Presence @ Annual Council

Our Youth Presence at Annual Council Consists of 21 Youth:

  • a Youth Delegate and Alternate from each Convocation (14 youth)
  • + 7 more at-large youth in 9th-12th grade

These youth will be supervised, housed, fed, and transported by Annual Council and the Office of the Missioner for Children and Youth Formation.

To be one of the 14 Youth Delegates or Alternates from your Convocation, you will be elected at your Convocation’s Youth Event. 

Contact Whitney Robinson ( to find out when your’s is happening!

To be one of the 7 Youth At-Large (Non-Delegates or Alternates), please apply here:

In order to qualify as a potential Non-Delegate/Alternate Youth, you must be in the 9th-12th grade at the time of Annual Council.

The Youth Presence is selected by Thanksgiving each Fall.

Youth who would like to visit Annual Council, but not serve as part of the Youth Presence at Annual Council, may register as a visitor (Young Adult (non-delegate under 35). Please note that youth who are not part of the Youth Presence at Annual Council will not be supervised, housed, fed, or transported. You don’t have to register at all to attend just the Closing Eucharist Sunday morning 10 a.m.